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What is Social Media Consulting?

What is Social Media Consulting?

Social media consultancy or social media management helps institutions to produce more active and strategic content on social media and ensures that the institution is announced to wider audiences.

There is a comprehensive range of services that social media consultants should do, such as social media management, content production and development, organic follow-up, managing the advertising work of the product, brand or company promoted on social media, and development of marketing. ideas for social media.

How is Social Media Consulting Done?

How is Social Media Consulting Done?

It is necessary to analyze the social media accounts of the company and create a digital marketing strategy within the framework of social media management. Competitors in the relevant field should be closely followed and various content strategies are created after analysis. In which social media networks the target audience is present and which social media network is used more actively are analyzed.

In addition, accounts are set up in social networks that they do not participate in, and they are organized and improved. All social media accounts should be managed simultaneously and the relevant content should be created correctly. Social media consultancy, on the other hand, is the social media support given to the digital marketing activities of the company, unlike the management.

Benefits of Social Media Consulting for Your Company

If we talk about the benefits of social media consultancy or social media management in general for your company;

The promotion of your products and services is done more successfully and brand awareness is formed. You reach more people in a more effective way and you interact with the target audience.

Social media consultants make collaborations that will benefit you by establishing the right connections, and in this way, your promotion takes place as a chain. Efforts are made to reflect your brand to people in the best way and to express it correctly, and this allows you to reveal your brand and quality. You learn what your competitors are doing and set new plans accordingly, which puts you ahead of them.

Build Your Own Community with Social Media Management

Build Your Own Community

Build your own private community with engaging social media posts. Provide information, tell your story, tell your target audience about your brand in the most organic way!

Digital marketing experts who manage your social media accounts will create a corporate identity for your brand during social media management, and will try to create a bond with the audience that your accounts interact with directly.

Social Media Management: Brand and Sales Opportunity

Brand and Sales Opportunity

Gather interaction with your posts on social media, make direct sales if you wish, or direct them to your website or physical store by providing information.

Social media management or consultancy services are not created just to produce content for your accounts, the purpose of this digital marketing work should be to grow your brand or increase your sales.

Social Media Management: Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

The content you share on social media affects the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) structure of your website. In this context, social media management is very important.

Social media marketing and optimization of your website become equally important. Especially for an e-commerce site, social media optimization is very important because people read the comments on social media to buy products online and see the launch of products on your social media accounts. Also, being on social media will help you build your own brand.

Social Media Management: Transformation-Oriented Social Media Management

Conversion Oriented Social Media Management

By using your social media accounts, you can make sales, create a brand and earn a serious turnover without even having a website. When you need help with this, you may need to work with a professional agency.

If the strategies and portfolios of social media accounts are created correctly, conversion rates are much better than websites as it is a structure that users can interact with directly. The handmade items you sell can have up to 5x better conversion rates than websites for organic foods.

A good social media management must be supported with advertisements, cooperation with influencers, various campaigns and sweepstakes must be organized.

Especially Instagram and Facebook are an excellent sales platform with their popularity in our country, with features such as live auctions, direct sales, discover and reels, it is an incredible platform for both free and very high traffic for the start.

Moreover, since sales continuity and brand loyalty are very high, your secure sales on social media will repeat constantly.

Why Should I Get Consulting For Social Media?

The Management of Your Social Media Accounts Has Been Entrusted to Us! There are many reasons to manage your accounts with a professional staff with social media consultancy service. Check out our video if you have time!

Social Media Management: Why Should I Get Consulting?

How We Do?

When social media consultancy is given, we fully implement a set of unchanging rules and grow your accounts with professional social media management!


We Are Listening

We listen to your brand's story and try to create special opportunities for your story with special colors.


We Are Investigating

We research what you have done before, what your competitors are doing and the sample designs you have given.


We Design

We create sample graphics with all the information we collect and submit them to your approval.


We Share

We share the created content on all platforms simultaneously.


We will help you choose the most suitable platform for your business, but we do not leave other platforms blank to avoid misunderstandings.

Social Media Management: Instagram Social Media Management: Instagram White


He is the leader of the most popular social media platforms of recent times in our country. Create stories, stream posts, IG Tv posts and make a big contribution to your business on this excellent photo sharing platform.

Social Media Management: Linkedin Social Media Management: Linkedin White


Interact with your potential customers through your page on this platform, which has a very different place for white-collar workers and the business world. If you have a business for professionals, this platform is among our must-haves!

Tracking and Reporting

During social media management, we report in detail the comments, messages, likes, interactions, shares and all other metrics you receive on social media platforms.

Social Media Management: Tracking and Reporting

Detailed Data Analysis

You can monitor and compare the reports of all services in detail with the panel we offer specific to the services you receive.
You can follow your social media service instantly, you can follow which platform and which post you get the most interaction and traffic from.

Social Media Management: Detailed Data Analysis


Would you like to review a sample study process?

Contact us, let's start talking about how to manage your social media accounts, what we can do for your social media accounts on all platforms!

and more

Customer Reviews

Our customers, our work and feedback are very important to us, and we value comments very much!

Social Media Consulting: Increasing Followers

Increase Followers

We share posts that will attract the attention of the masses, write interactive articles and use hashtags effectively! Sharing outside of your profile brings new followers and makes your brand more visible thanks to hashtags!

We manage your digital marketing ads and make your post and profile more interactive and more targeted. Remember, we never use illegal software, we wage war against bot followers or likes strategies. We start by cleaning your account with our spam analysis software, if you have one.

Social Media Consulting: Influencer Relationships

Influencer Relationships

You can market your business with Influencers, Our teammate who manages your social media accounts will find the right influencer for you, communicate and mediate the advertisement of your product or service.

As it is known, not every business can always be featured with sponsored advertisements, policy problems are at the forefront of these. The right marketing campaigns with influencers will be another way to promote your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media accounts are a company's showcase in digital media, if we act with this awareness, it is very important that your social media accounts are constantly active, all questions about our service are here, check our blog for all other social media topics!

How does the process begin?

After you deliver the IDs and passwords of the accounts you want to be managed to your customer representative, which is specially defined for you, the management starts the same day if you wish.

Can I advertise on the platform I want?

Yes, you can also advertise for your social media accounts that we manage. This is done independently of the social media management service, over the budget you set aside for advertisements.

Can every business benefit?

Professional social media consulting service is a monthly fee and may not be suitable for very small businesses. With the special software we produce, you can get your professional account with very low monthly fees, and you can manage all your social media accounts yourself. For more information, visit

What tools are you using?

Our design team works with Adobe, and our social media team uses our own software, Reachbunny.

What is the most effective social media network?

It actually depends on which country you are in. We see Instagram as the most influential social network in Turkey, and Facebook when we look at Europe and the East.

How often should I share content on social media?

In order not to overwhelm your audience and move forward more targeted, 30 shares per month would be ideal. The posts made every day will not attract attention later, which will cause you to lose followers.

What is social media consulting?

Social media consultancy for us is the management of all social media accounts of our customers by a professional team, the creation of the necessary visual and video content by the same professionals, the simultaneous sharing, analysis and reporting on all platforms with special software.

What is pricing based on?

A special price is created according to your social media accounts, frequency and detail that you want to manage. Please contact and get a price quote for your needs.

Is there a follower increase service?

With shares and special content, it is ensured that your followers are developed in accordance with your business, only increasing the number of followers called bot followers, etc. transactions are not performed. This does not contribute anything to your business and may result in penalties such as closure or muting of your account. By keeping your social media accounts active, we ensure that your target audience gets to know you and indirectly becomes your follower.

Are you following the Innovations/Algorithm?

We follow the developments on social media instantly. We improve the plans we offer to our customers according to new features, updates and changes.

What is the relationship between SEO and social media accounts?

Social media management and SEO; It should be managed together and with a professional team, especially for companies and individuals who aim to increase branding and brand value. It has been observed by the tests that social media interactions have positive effects on SEO and that SEO studies also increase social media interactions.

Can I just get counseling?

Yes, without sharing user information with us, you can receive daily content specially prepared for you in a way that you will share. Ad management support, label management and consultancy are also available for your specific questions.

What Services Do We Offer as a Social Media Agency?

We ensure the correct positioning of your brand on social media platforms where brands are in great competition. We create strategies that can be done on behalf of your brand, we prepare your brand in front of your community in the best way possible. As 618Media Digital Services, we provide the following services in Social Media;

Account Strategy and Management, Content Production Strategy and Management, Campaign Strategy and Management, Community Analysis and Engagement Planning, Follower Management, Community Management, Crisis and Online Reputation Management, Copywriting, Channel analysis, Spam Cleaning and Reporting.

Social Media Management: Helping You Beat Your Competitors

Helps You Beat Your Competitors

They can clearly see your competitors' strategies as your advisor will constantly research, analyze specific hashtags, see what others are saying about products and services similar to yours, and answer questions people may have asked on social media. This can provide advantages that will take you one step ahead.

With these strategies, your social media consultant will help you in the area where you will position your brand and provide the necessary designs for the formation of your brand profile.

Social Media Consulting: Always Online

Always Online

Social media consultants are online whenever you need them. Technically 'during business hours' but that doesn't mean your followers won't discover something of interest or answer a question left by a curious follower.

Social media moves like these are all part of what makes them a great social media consultant, and it's one of the most important things to get your business to the top.

Social Media Consulting: Brand Advocate

Brand Advocate

Imagine giving information about your products and services without spending extra money on a PR agency. Your social media consultant will help you build long-term relationships, brand awareness and sustainable growth.

The Management of Your Social Media Accounts is Entrusted to Us! Your social media followers 'turn to you' online and know your business very well so they can answer any questions that may arise as well.

How is the Social Media Consultancy Service Price Determined?

How is the Service Price Determined?

The targeting of the company depends on the number of social media accounts to be managed (facebook, Instagram, twitter, Linkedin), frequency of posts, frequency of sponsored advertisements and advertisements, special day shares and frequency, products/services, campaigns/events. management, different posts for each social media platform, Social media consultancy prices, how the images of the posts to be shared will be provided.

A correct website designed and coded for you can feed backlinks from social media platforms according to your purpose. In this sense, it is very important that your social media accounts and website are up-to-date and reflect your brand correctly.

Your privacy and security is very important to us. Even if the user name and password of your social media accounts that you have submitted to our agency cannot be seen by the personnel managing your social media accounts, they are kept securely in software and managed through this software.

However, thanks to the authorization system we have developed for your messages, we cannot see or reply to messages sent to your inbox unless you have made an agreement for us to monitor your inbox.

Thanks to your package content embedded in the system we use for your social media accounts, social media management is carried out as promised, no element in your package content is neglected.

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