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What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, can be defined as adapting your website to various rules and developments of Google and other search engines.

For example, improvements such as in-site structure, user experience (UX), website speed, reduced page sizes, alt tags for images are positive developments for search engines; Google, Bing and other search engines add more than 200 such technical improvements. your website. When you apply it, it will authorize your website and place your website in the 1st place in searched keywords.

How is SEO (search engine optimization) done?

How is SEO Done?

You may want to manage your SEO processes yourself, a little technical knowledge and good research will be enough for this. By following plenty of research and resources such as the Google Webmaster Blog, you can make your job easier, be aware of key updates, and update your website.

However, if you have an e-commerce site, a large blog or do not have time to deal with them, you can get support from a professional team. This will both reduce your costs and make the process easier for you.

Get Organic Traffic with SEO!

With SEO, you can get more website traffic and promote your brand, as well as get more conversions due to your organic ranking.
While making an excellent long-term investment in your brand in this digital marketing strategy, you will continue to rank high in your target market thanks to the brand awareness you have gained.

Top 3 Benefits of Digital Marketing with SEO


Millions of searches are done on the Internet every day, and you can imagine the contribution of ranking #1 for words related to your business!

Organic Traffic

Every day, when you get thousands of organic traffic that you don't pay for, your conversion rate will increase and your business phones will never be silent!


Regardless of your target conversion, you will get high conversions thanks to thousands of organic traffic coming to your website, and you will get an excellent increase in your turnover!

We Offer A Complete SEO Process

We Offer A Complete SEO Process!

We fully manage the short and long-term SEO plan that we have made for you. While successfully performing technical and other on-page SEO optimizations, you can see your reports and follow the rankings of keywords live with the dashboard we offer.

  • Yüksek Organik Trafik Yüksek Organik Trafik

    High Organic Traffic

  • Marka Bilinirliği Marka Bilinirliği

    Brand Awareness

  • Sektörel Otorite Kazanımı Sektörel Otorite Kazanımı

    Sectoral Authority Gain

  • Yüksek Dönüşüm Oranı Yüksek Dönüşüm Oranı

    High Conversion Rate

What Do We Do in SEO Service?

Why Should I Get SEO Service?

When you get ASO service for your SEO or application, you will attract hundreds of organic traffic to your product, increase brand awareness and create a much more profitable traffic source than paid advertisements, if you wish, have a look at our short video!

Video Scene
On-site SEO Image

On-site SEO

On-page SEO is one of the most important areas that we focus on in our SEO service, where Google takes us to the top. In this area, we analyze each page specifically, fix all technical errors and optimize on-page performance.

Technical SEO Image

Technical SEO

We use schema markups in the right areas that directly increase the performance and click-through rate of the page and website. We analyze the speed and user experience of the page and work to technically improve the overall website.

We handle SEO in a different way!

Data analysis
  • Daily Site Analysis
  • Efficiency Measurement
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Increasing Authority
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Custom Dashboard for You
  • Weekly PDF Reports
  • All Services in One Panel!

Let's Succeed Together!

SEO and ASO Services

Contact now, get a quote with a sample work plan. Let's make your website #1 on major search engines like Google or your app on all platforms like Google, Play Store, App Store!

App Store
  • Annual Planning Annual Planning
  • Special Process for You Special Process
  • Team work Team work

Customer Reviews

Our customers, our work and feedback are very important to us, and we value comments very much!

Special Reporting Panel for You

Have you seen our advanced data analysis panel that our software team has created for all our services? By connecting platforms such as Google Search Console and Analytics specifically for SEO, you can see your fully visualized and comparative data instead of boring text reports. Measure your SEO performance from a single panel, see your keyword ranking, see the country and page where you get the most traffic and track your conversions!

Custom reporting panel Vector #1

Become First in Play Store and App Store by Getting ASO Service for Your Apps

ASO Service For Your Mobile Applications

By providing ASO service to your mobile applications and games, we enable you to obtain organic downloads and increase the reputation of your application!

With the ASO service you receive, we make in-store editing of your application or game, offer development suggestions such as user experience improvements that we use in SEO, and help you take your application to the next level!

We offer a cross-platform mobile reputation building experience with optimizations we make in both the App Store and Play Store.

App Store and Play Store

We offer a cross-platform mobile reputation building experience with optimizations we make in both the App Store and Play Store.

We analyze your application in the Play store and App store, and ensure that the platforms' specific policies are compatible with your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have compiled frequently asked questions about SEO. For more, you can visit our blog and contact our agency! :)

How does the SEO process begin?

To start the SEO process, we create a strategy based on your goals and the status of your website. After our digital marketing experts present you the roadmap on the subject, we start the work at the latest after a few necessary technical details.

Why should I do SEO?

SEO is very important for your company today and tomorrow, all companies are in the internet today and the internet has somehow entered the life of all humanity... SEO has become a necessity of digital marketing in order to stand out more in search engines, to tell your customers about your brand awareness and what you offer, and to do this at almost zero cost after reaching your goals. You can have SEO done to benefit from the technologies of the future, to increase your brand awareness and internet visibility…

Why should I do E-Commerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO is an excellent way to increase organic traffic as it will add SEO visibility to both your site and your products, if you have an e-commerce site or a store in the market place, you should have E-commerce SEO for your long-term goals.

Can I do SEO myself?

Of course, you can read our SEO blog, learn all about the subject, in addition to these, you can get consultancy and optimize your site and products yourself.

In how many languages do you provide SEO services?

We can offer SEO services in Turkish and English, we have physical offices in the USA and Turkey. We have SEO partners from countries such as USA, UK, Greece, France, Germany. You can contact for a different language.

Do you find keywords?

Of course! We share with you the right words for your business and their search volumes, and this is how we start our work. We provide consultancy for your content and everything else, and we work to manage your ranking performance and this process in the most accurate way.

What is SEO service?

SEO service is the name given to the SEO service provided by digital marketing agencies that usually do your company's search engine optimization. With SEO service, your business increases its visibility in search engines such as Google Bing, Yahoo, Baidu. This digital marketing strategy can be very helpful in promoting your business, especially when focusing on search results related to your company, products, services or industry.

SEO or Google Ads?

Search engine optimization is a long-term, future-oriented and valuable digital marketing activity that will increase your organic brand awareness. Google Ads, on the other hand, is a way that will give instant results when you work with the right agency, you can publish your ads on thousands of websites or you will rank high in the search results. For more information about Google Ads, you can visit our Google ads page…

Can we optimize the e-commerce site?

Yes, we have SEO strategies that we have created for e-commerce websites, and we achieve successful results for our customers with our proven SEO strategies. Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify etc. We also have experience in e-commerce management infrastructures such as Please contact us to learn more about our SEO solutions and E-commerce experience.

Is E-Commerce SEO different from standard SEO?

No, although the general criteria are the same, in E-commerce SEO, the pages of your products are also optimized one by one. A better, more descriptive product page will increase sales significantly.

How much is the service fee?

The cost of SEO campaigns varies depending on the keywords targeted, your website status, your industry, and the work it takes to reach your goal. We focus on your current situation rather than the size of your business and create the most economical SEO costing for you. Our digital marketing experts will also share their experiences with you in creating your roadmap in the digital environment.

What do you do in your SEO service?

We have 200 different criteria that are taken into account in Google and other search engines. We evaluate these as on-site and off-site and take action. Among these, there are consultancy for backlink studies, onpage optimizations, technical changes.

Benefits of SEO for Your Company

You will get high organic traffic. With the traffic you get from search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, the number of users visiting your website increases. As a result, your chances of getting potential customers are very high. If you want to attract tens of thousands of traffic to your website with advertisements, the amount you have to pay may be more than 20 times your SEO costs.

With SEO service, Google will like your website more, so you will get better results from your ads. For example, with the SEO you receive, a better user experience for your customers coming from advertisements will be performed along with website page speed optimization and your advertising efficiency will increase at the same rate.

It is very important to get the job done 360 degrees in SEO and ASO services, a website that only has technical problems but lacks content cannot give you what you want in Google results. Acting with this awareness, we comprehensively handle the SEO process and do everything necessary for your website in the process management we have created.

Sectors We Specialize With SEO

Sectors We Specialize In SEO

We provide SEO services to all kinds of companies, large and small, and we are committed to increasing the organic traffic of your website thanks to our experience in many sectors!

The sectors we specialize in are respectively; We provide SEO and ASO services in many sectors such as finance, media, health, education, government, real estate, social media, travel, e-commerce, and increase the organic visibility and brand awareness of projects.

Display Ads

Industry and Market Research

We examine your industry in depth, based on our experience and data, we try to improve your website's SEO according to the right keywords, research, find the right target audience and monitor your website from top to bottom, taking into account such important metrics.

SEO and ASO is a difficult enough process, you should understand this process well and optimize your website and application with the right keywords.

Search Network Ads

Website Speed Optimization

By increasing website speed, we improve your Core Web Vitals values, one of the most important of your SEO metrics, and aim to move your user experience (UX) forward.

Why would your customers or Google want a slow-loading website when you don't? A good user experience is one of the golden rules for SEO.

Display Ads

Backlink Studies

After the technical and content infrastructure of your website is completed, backlinks are indispensable for Google bots to visit your website more and for high authority. Instead of spam backlinks, we focus on backlinks compatible with your brand from correct, quality and reliable addresses, and increase your authority with backlinks.

In this process called Off-Page SEO, we apply link detox to your website and disavow harmful backlinks.

Contrary to what is known, SEO is one of the most appropriate and effective digital marketing techniques among digital marketing methods. If you create your SEO and ASO strategy correctly, you will put your brand on a good footing and give your website visitors a higher quality signal with higher authority and quality every day.

With good SEO for your websites or ASO for your mobile apps, your ads will perform higher and your quality scores will be higher.

For SEO and ASO, the work is not done with a flat fee, your business dynamics are unshakable with surprising costs, we guarantee performance in our SEO service, but we do not give a 1st page guarantee because Google is nobody's uncle's son.

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