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Advertise on Google and YouTube with advanced strategies.

What Are Google Advertisement?

What Are Google Advertisement?

Google ads include any ads you place on Google and its affiliates. The ads you see on platforms such as Search Network, Display ads, YouTube are actually Google Ads.

Google hosts the most visited platforms in the world with its companies and its own Advertising on Google offers the opportunity to reach millions, even billions, of people in your country and around the world.

How to Advertise on Google?

How to create Google Ads?

Advertising on Google and Youtube is actually a digital marketing strategy that you can learn by watching a few YouTube videos or reading our blog.

However, when placing a Google Ads advertisement, areas such as Google search ads and Google GDN should be designed in a way that attracts attention and helps you achieve conversions in terms of content, ad text and visuals. In this context, you may need to create a strategy when placing Google ads.

What are the Advantages of Google Ads?

With Google ads, you can reach billions of people in a few clicks.

Increasing your presence on Google will be one of the best investments you will make in your brand and business, Google AdWords is a platform that constantly improves itself and will benefit your business with hundreds of similar features that we will explain below.

Get High Reach and Impressions with Google Ads!

High Reach/Impression

With the ads you place on the display network, you will gain important metrics suitable for your purpose such as brand awareness, downloads, video views, and traffic.
Advertising on Google means showing ads on over 3 million websites at once, and it's an incredible way to reach customers!

  • Marka Oluşturma Marka Oluşturma

    Brand Building

  • Kalite Sinyali Kalite Sinyali

    Quality Signal

  • Daha Fazla Trafik Daha Fazla Trafik

    More Traffic

  • Anında Sonuç Anında Sonuç

    Instant Result

Get High Traffic with Google Ads!

High Traffic

You can use the website traffic you bring with Google AdWords to get conversions, receive phone calls or sell directly on the website.
You get a very high conversion opportunity with the user intent specific keywords you give in the Google search network.

  • Özel Anahtar Kelimeler Özel Anahtar Kelimeler

    Custom Keywords

    Özel Anahtar Kelimeler Özel Anahtar Kelimeler
  • Sektör ve Cinsiyete Yönelik Sektör ve Cinsiyete Yönelik

    For Sector and Gender

    Sektör ve Cinsiyete Yönelik Sektör ve Cinsiyete Yönelik
  • Konum Bazlı Konum Bazlı

    Location Based

    Konum Bazlı Konum Bazlı
  • Dönüşüm Odaklı Dönüşüm Odaklı

    Transformation oriented

    Dönüşüm Odaklı Dönüşüm Odaklı

Why should you choose Google and YouTube for your business?

Advertising on Google or YouTube allows you to advertise 500% more successful, more reportable and conversion-focused than traditional advertising platforms like TV. You can watch our Youtube video about Google ads!

Google Ads Video

This Is What Your Ad Will Look Like On Google!

With the ads you place on the search network, you will immediately rise to the 1st rank in Google. With Google ads, the return of ranking 1st in the most searched keywords on Google will be quite high.

This Is What Your Ad Will Look Like On Google!

Google Ad Models

Let's choose the most suitable Google ads model for your business, let our expert team lead you to success with the strategies suitable for your purpose and the right Google Adwords or Youtube ad models.

Google Search Ads

Search Network Ads

We move your website to the top positions in Google instantly! We rank your website high in Google with regional targeting, keywords specific to your target audience and the highest quality score.

With Google ads, you are charged CPC (Cost-Per-Click) for ads you place on the search network, meaning you only pay for quality traffic that calls you.

Google GDN Display Advertising

Display Ads

With display ads, we can publish your ads on millions of websites and mobile applications registered in the Google ad ecosystem (Adsense and Admob). Also, by advertising on YouTube, you run your video ad 500+% more efficiently than on television.

In Google ads, you can run effective ads with different visual content compared to Google GDN's search ads, and you don't have to wait for your target audience to search.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads

We show your Google ads to people with high potential, such as people who have not visited your website and filled out a form or added a product to their cart and have not purchased yet, and we get the result!

Google Remarketing or retargeting will also be an excellent AdWords strategy to gain brand awareness and loyalty, and to notify users who have visited you before, about the innovations in your business.

Application Download

Application Download

While we deliver your mobile application to users with Google application download ads, we target users with high in-app purchases with Google Adwords advertising target and maximize your income!

You can create Google ads for mobile applications you publish on iOS and Android platforms, you can publish ads to increase the effectiveness of in-app purchases, you can target a specific country and region according to demographic characteristics.

High Performance and Accurate Process Management

We take care to ensure that what we offer in our Google ads service is quite comprehensive and understandable. You can access your visualized Google ads report thanks to your custom AdWords panel. You will be informed about the performance of your campaigns with weekly pdf reports. You Can Find Our Detailed Process Below.

1. Research

In accordance with your purpose, we perform competitor analysis, sector analysis, analyze your goals, and accordingly, we draw up a suitable roadmap for Google ads. With detailed keyword research, we determine the keywords with which you can achieve the highest conversion and we exchange ideas on this subject.

We manage Google ads in many sectors such as automotive, retail, manufacturing, finance and insurance, e-commerce, travel and tourism, education, business world, home products, garden accessories, and help our customers with our experience in business development processes.

2. Setup

With the support we receive from our software team, we setup Google Adwords conversion and tracking codes completely. We make sure that everything is working correctly so that the Google Ads systems and our custom panel can analyze the data on your website.

We offer our customers logical reports and maximize advertising efficiency with special tracking and reporting software such as ReachWhale, which we developed during and after Google ads.

3. Analysis

We analyze data such as incoming calls, clicks, views, conversions, and create a roadmap for Google ads to address deficiencies and improve performance.

We create an AdWords negative keyword list for each ad group according to certain metrics and conversion rate in Google search ads, and we manage every amount spent on google ads with the best efficiency.

4. Optimization

We are constantly optimizing AdWords and taking the digital marketing process to the next level in order to further increase the efficiency we get from ads on Google.

Google AdWords, with its new name, continues to be indispensable for those who provide Google Ads service.

5. Reporting

We send you a PDF report of your google ad campaigns every week, on the 618Media Dashboard specially prepared for you, we offer you a unique username and password so that you can analyze your Google data visually.

The most important detail in Google ads is the post-Adwords reports, if you don't follow these metrics very well, an efficient ad becomes an inefficient expense item.

Our Google Adwords Process


Would you like to see a sample Google Adwords/Ads Performance Report?

Contact us now and let's talk about a sample Google Ads work plan and what we can do for you.

  • Google Ads Annual Planning Annual Planning
  • Google Ads Tailored Process Special Process for You
  • Google Ads Teamwork Team work
and more

Customer Reviews

Our customers, our work and feedback are very important to us, and we value comments very much!

Google Ads Certificates

We take our work very seriously in AdWords Advertising, attend Google advertising trainings, constantly develop and improve. We also include certified digital marketing experts who constantly improve themselves in Google advertising.

While Google Ads certifications and trainings are very important for an agency like us that values Google ads, thanks to our Google partnership, we can attend special trainings at Google and request instant support for our customers.

Google Search Ads Certification Google Search Ads Certification

Search Network Advertising

Google Mobile Ads Certification Google Mobile Ads Certification

Mobile Advertising

Google Görüntülü Reklam Ağı Sertifikası Google Display Network Certification

Video Advertising

Google Shopping Ads Certification Google Shopping Ads Certification

Shopping Advertising

Google Ads Scientific A/B Tests

Scientific A/B Tests

In Google Ads, we constantly run A/B tests on graphics, colors, keywords, CPC bids, videos and always take your performance to the next level.

With these tests in Google Ads, we minimize the chance of a Google ad underperforming or failing in digital marketing ads, and aim for the top for SEM.

Google Digital Marketing Visual Data Report

Visual Data Report

With our Reachwhale tool, we turn the real-time data we get from Google analytics, Google search console and Google Ads management panel into an understandable and detailed visual digital marketing data analysis report and present it to our customers on certain days every week.

As you know, Google takes a lot of time to analyze and improve Facebook ad data because it is listed as text one after the other. With our own software, we reduce the interpretation of this data and the time to take action for improvement by 20 times.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled many questions about Google and YouTube ads to our agency, but we are ready to answer any questions you may have about our service!

What are Google ads?

It is a very wide and scalable advertising platform where you can show ads, including video ads, search ads, display network ads and +7 million websites (for Turkey) with AdSense agreement, including Google ads on YouTube. With Google ads, you can be the 1st target keyword in the search network in 1 day, and you can bring unlimited clicks to your website.

How does the advertising process begin?

After you send us your Google ads customer number, we send you a request to become an administrator, once you accept, there is no problem to start ads on Google or Youtube.

For what purposes can I advertise?

You can place Youtube and Google ads on Google and Youtube for website visits, phone calls, store visits, application downloads, obtaining contact information or filling out forms, advertising display, advertising display in Gmail box and sales and various purposes for advertising purposes.

How many keywords can I add?

There is no limit on keywords for Google ads, however, we analyze the keywords you choose and provide reports on the most accurate keywords for you. Keyword research is the most basic starting process for AdWords.

Can I get information about the study?

We start your ads with the authorization you give to our agency in your Google ad account. You can see all the results that we can see in your own advertising account. We do not use any middleware or panels except for reporting. We pay attention to the 100% transparent management of the process.

How much are Google ad prices?

Although there is no specific budget for Google ads, the keyword or target should be analyzed for the highest performance and your AdWords ads should be created in accordance with your budget. Hundreds of keywords packed in 1 ad set will have a very bad effect on your AdWords efficiency and budget. Our Google advertising experts are ready to help you with this.

When can I start ads?

You can start and stop ads on Google at any time. For Google ads, your customer representative will provide you with the necessary information.

What should our advertising budget be?

According to your goals, you can set your Google advertising budget with monthly or daily budgets and place Google ads according to this budget. For example, an amount such as 50₺ per day or 2000₺ per month will be suitable for entry level advertisements of many companies. You can shape your budget according to the traffic you want to receive. However, for the most accurate budget, our digital marketing experts will guide you about your AdWords strategy.

What if competitors and bots click on my ads?

Your competitors or bots are constantly checked and blocked by the ip ranges determined by our systems, and Google refunds for fake clicks. In summary, your ads with us are 100% safe with our fraud detection software. The Google AdWords system will also constantly monitor your campaigns and issue refunds for invalid clicks.

Where will my ads appear?

Your ads can appear on all Google platforms where ads are posted, the Google Search Network, Google affiliates (Youtube, etc.) and millions of other websites that have a direct agreement with Adsense. Google AdWords is constantly expanding its Google campaigns and ads to increase the conversion possibilities of its users.

Benefits of Google Ads to Your Company

We analyze user intentions in different sectors and platforms with Google Ads/Adwords campaigns created by our expert team, and accordingly, we show your Google ads to keywords and target audiences and maximize your company's awareness in this area. We aim to increase your turnover in this field, thanks to the advertisements you will place on Google with the most appropriate keywords for your industry.

We increase brand awareness and accessibility thanks to the ads you place on Google, and we help you make purchasing decisions with Google ads.

The structure and collaborations of other platforms are also taken into account in digital marketing advertisements, and advertisements are created accordingly. For example, your ads on Social Media and Google ads are 100% compatible.

Search Network Ads

Sectors We Specialize In

We have supported many large-medium and SME companies in their Google ads and we continue to do so. Google AdWords doesn't just appeal to large businesses, every business big or small has a place in AdWords.

The sectors in which we specialize in Google Adwords are respectively; We provide Google advertising services to many companies in the finance, media, health, education, government, real estate, social media, travel, e-commerce sectors and develop products for their projects.

Display Ads

Google Market Research

We examine your industry thoroughly on Google AdWords, search for the right keywords based on our experience and data, find the right target audience, and set up your Google ad by taking these important metrics into account.

If the research is not done well on the basis of Google Ads / Google Adwords, if digital marketing ads are created randomly, your money will run out very quickly and the efficiency in Google ads will decrease a lot.

Search Network Ads

Google Ad Optimization

With the negative keyword lists we create for your Google ad sets or Google campaigns, we detect and block low-yielding keywords with certain filters.

In our Google Ads management approach, we use your AdWords ads every day and every week for AdWords upload-and-drop logic, images, keywords, videos, etc. We do not manage. We analyze Google advertising materials and constantly optimize AdWords ads.

Display Ads

Conversion Focused Ads

You can use your Google Ads/Adwords campaigns as a marketing tool that enables your business to achieve high turnover with sales success in e-commerce, various strategies in filling out forms, and AdWords ads for direct sales of products and services for your SaaS products. .

You can use your Google ads to generate direct sales compared to television ads, and you can make cost-effective and affordable Google ads with TARGET CPA and ROAS, which are only available in digital marketing.

With Google ads, you can reach millions of people and reach them according to their wishes. In this system, the customer is 50% convinced because he has already searched. Customer gain is quite high when you encounter Google ads.

Google ads are reliable and measurable. You don't pay extra just by paying per click, imagine paying for every potential customer brought to you, Google Adwords offers indisputable benefits in digital marketing.

You do not have a budget limit in Google ads, you can advertise up to millions of dollars, you can grow your business endlessly, scalability and sustainability are at the highest level with all these features.

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