About us

About Us

You can take a look at our vision, evaluate our company culture and what we can do for our partners!

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Who are we?

Who are we?

618Media is a super digital digital marketing agency that believes in the power of digital and acts on the principle of positionlessness. Although we have physical offices, we are ready to do our work 100% online, to use the power of digital in the best way and most importantly to help.

With a focus on SEO, digital advertising and social media, we strive to maximize our capabilities in this area and offer our partners the best.

Our principles

Our principles

%100 Transparent

  • When you browse our website you may have noticed how much more detail we provide about our services, transparency is a rule for us!

  • We offer instant and weekly pdf reports for all the services you receive on the special panel.

  • We only get authorization from you for tracking your ads or SEO performance, we never ask for your account password.

Our principles

%100 Satisfaction

  • We prefer quality work instead of fast work, the only thing we guarantee is that you will be satisfied with the service you will receive from us.

  • We create special communication channels for your project and respond to information requests during working hours.

  • Our references are important, you can measure how much we stick to the subject of satisfaction with the dozens of customers we work with.

Our principles

%100 Support

  • We are experts in instant troubleshooting through online channels, in case of any problem, we will return within 2 hours at the latest.

  • You can have an instant conversation with your customer representative at the scheduled time.

  • We work as we promised, every contract we sign is our promise.

How We Do?


We Are Listening

What we can do for digital, we listen to you first and respect your vision.


We Are Investigating

We research your competitors, your industry and your current position.


We are planning

We plan what we can do, our strategies and present them to you.


We report

You can track your metrics from a single web page with a special panel for you.

From Past to Present

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What does 618Media mean?

The number 618 comes from the golden ratio. Fibonacci has defined 0.618 and its multiples as the golden ratio, and we work according to the golden ratio principles in our software and design works. 618Media, born from the combination of the words 618 and Media, is a digital marketing focused company.

What does 618Media do?

We mainly do SEO, digital ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn) and social media consultancy and develop software in this field.

Where is your office?

Our company, headquartered in Gaziantep, has 2 offices. The first is Gaziantep Teknopark, the second is Izmir, Konak.

What is your purpose?

Our aim is to provide software-supported digital marketing solutions to our customers' digital marketing needs, to realize their internet goals, to create an online brand and to keep up with the digitalizing world successfully.