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Would you like to have a knowledgeable team manage your Google and Youtube Ads, Social Media Ads like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and social media?

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Who are we?

618Media is a super digital digital marketing agency that believes in the power of digital and acts on the principle of positionlessness.

Although we have physical offices, we are ready to do our work 100% online, to use the power of digital in the best way and most importantly to help.

Concentrating on SEO, digital advertising and social media, we strive to maximize our capabilities in this field and offer the best to our partners.

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It is 100% focused on digital marketing, offers 360-degree digital marketing solutions and develops various software. Here are the services we offer;

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Sıkça Sorulan Sorular
What does 618Media do?

618Media is an SEO and Digital marketing agency serving startups, SMEs and large companies.

What are your services?

We provide services in the field of SEO, Digital Advertisements (Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) and Social media management.

How are your service prices?

Every product and every service is shaped individually according to the situation you are in, the difficulty of your job and what we will do. For this reason, we do not have a single price policy to provide services with fair pricing to everyone.

Which countries do you serve?

We serve mainly to Turkey, Azerbaijan, USA and European countries.

Our Solution Partners

We thought you might want to see all the tools we use, the companies we collaborate with, and the platforms that are our area of expertise to bring your business to perfection. We also share many topics for this platform and tools on our blog.